Julianne and I headed over to the Dongdaemun Market area tonight to eat some BBQ galbi (pork ribs).  On the way there we passed by the Disco Ride.


The Disco Ride seems to be a very popular ride for teens and 20-something Koreans . . .


It has lasers . . .


I like this cropped close-up cause you can see everyone freaking out . . . hehehe.


The ride also has different speeds and rotation angles . . . this is slow speed.


Medium speed . . .


Fast . . .


After watching the ride for a bit, and listening to the screaming and laughing Koreans, we headed to the BBQ place.


The heat off the coals was brutal because the door to the restaurant was open and pulling it towards the door . . . I put the metal chimney down as low as I could so that some of the heat and smoke would be sucked away from me . . . the sacrifices one makes to have good galbi–hmmmm, galbi.


Just in case you haven’t seen it before here’s a pic of using scissors to cut the meat Korean style.


The food was good . . .


Walking home we passed the Disco Jump again, so of course I had to take more pictures.  This time two guys were in the middle . . . I got excited cause I thought they’d BOTH be doing flips and jumps in the center . . . I was disappointed!


I walked up onto the exit platform to try and get some better shots from a more elevated position.  I only had my Sigma 10-22 mm lens with me and was wishing I had my Sigma 18-200mm lens so I could do some zoomed close-ups.  Maybe some other time.


The guy operating the ride can also hit air compressors that bounce the ride up and down really hard.  You can see the people who were unable to hold on to the railings on the floor here, lol.


After taking more pics of the ride Julianne and I began to walk home.  We passed Dongdaemun Gate on the way . . .


And then this behemoth of a machine . . . anybody know what it’s used for? Some kind of concrete removal chewing machine maybe? They’re replacing all the sidewalks in my neighborhood, and repaving sections of the streets, so maybe it’s used for that.


Well, time to go to bed in a little while . . .