For the past couple weeks I have been trying to find the right time of day with the right angle and amount of sunlight on some trees near my apartment.  I still haven’t been able to be free and in the area at the best time but I decided to take some pics yesterday regardless because soon the leaves will be gone.


If I’d been able to wait about another 30 minutes or so I think the sunlight conditions would been better but Julianne and I were hungry and on our way to get food . . . this picture (below) is one of my favorites.


The building in the background is the headquarters for Samsung something or other, and every time I walk by there are tons of company workers coming and going.  It was Saturday when I took this picture so there weren’t any people around.


I’ll toss in this picture I took last Thursday while walking home from school.  This particular road is usually flooded with students before and after school as it leads directly to the school.


I’m still learning how to use the dashboard blogging controls on wordpress . . . one thing I haven’t figured out yet is why viewers can’t click on my pictures to enlarge them . . .

Julianne and I are going to head out in a few hours to take more pictures of the fall trees around Seoul.  I’ll hopefully be able to post the better pics tonight or tomorrow.