My primary co-teacher and I finally got around to carving our pumpkins.  It was her first time carving so she was very excited, and I have to admit I was too.  We set up in a room adjacent to the teachers office . . .


Earlier we had gone to the school cafeteria to borrow two knives, two massive spoons, and a cutting board.  The spoons came in very handy later when we had to scoop out all the pumpkin insides.  Before carving we drew our jack o lantern face designs.  This one is mine.


Is it just me or do I look just a weeeee bit too happy to be stabbing something with a big knife, lol.


This is my I’m-gutting-a-pumpkin-don’t-mess-with-me-I’m-an-English-teacher-face . . . lol.


I believe Dexter might call this ‘wall art’ . . . hehehe.


Awwww, co-teaching at its finest.  Two knives, two pumpkins, and two English teachers . . .


Oh yeah, here’s my co-teacher’s jack o lantern design.


The exit hole for all the pumpkin guts.  Normally this hole is on top of the pumpkin where the stem is but these pumpkins were so small that my co-teacher suggested we use the top as the face–excellent suggestion.


My jack o lantern in process . . . cutting the teeth is extremely difficult because if you slip you can slice into the tooth you’re trying to carve into the face.  I think I did a pretty good job.


My co-teacher did very well.  Her design was creative, and she handled the large knife like a pro.  I need to remember not to piss her off, lol.


I will say I was disappointed that she didn’t scoop out the pumpkin guts with her hands–THAT would have been funny to watch as I imagine the facial contortions and “OTIKE! OTIKE!” (“OH MY GOD!”) would have been highly entertaining.


My jack o lantern . . . ohhhh, scary!


My co-teacher’s jack o lantern–ohhh, cute!


Co-teaching . . . it ain’t just in the classroom.  Think about it.


Coming soon . . . pictures of the English classroom with today’s Halloween lesson craft activity results up on the walls.