Last night Julianne and I went to find a new (not sure how new, but it’s new) Outback Steakhouse that her co-teacher found online for us.  Apparently it’s only 2 blocks or so down from Jongno Tower.


The service was fantastic.  Our server spoke pretty good English, and was very attentive and checked on us periodically and always seemed to know when we needed a refill or something.


Here are the hours in case you want to go.


Go to the opposite side of the street across from Jongno Tower/Jonggak Station to the historical structure with the bell inside it (you can’t miss it).  With the tower and bell behind you head down the street until you come to the redmango store . . .


Look to the left of the redmango store and you’ll see a small doorway with stairs leading down . . . the Outback Steakhouse sign is practically invisible to people unfamiliar with the fact that it’s there.


Here’s the tiny entrance that leads down to the restaurant.  When you get to the bottom of the stairs the door in on the left.