Every morning on my way to school there are certain locations that have some amazing views and scenery.  There are 3 different directions I can approach the school but this is the one I take the most often. This morning the mountain in the background was breathtaking.


At the bottom of this lane is the main gate to the school.  Standing next to me (out of sight) are two Korean teachers who make sure the guys are all in uniform, have regulation hair cuts, and in general doing what they’re supposed to be doing.


This is the Museum of Humanities . . . I still haven’t explored the interior but have heard it’s really great.  I love the tree here, and can’t wait to see its full fall colors.


To the right of the main building on campus are several trees that are almost in full fall colors too.  I’m keeping my eye on them and trying to make sure I get a picture when they finally hit their full fall colors.


The main building has some really nice vines that are changing colors and crawling up the center tower and entrance.  They aren’t even at the halfway mark yet in terms of changing colors so I’m not going to put close-up shots online yet.


Well, time to go edit some pictures I took this morning . . . all my first grade classes have been canceled as they were sent home yesterday as a ‘preventative measure’ by the school.


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