This afternoon I walked around outside my office taking pictures with my Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm.  I’ve been wanting to take macro shots of bees for a while and noticed several flying around some flowers . . . I love the detail I managed to catch without a tripod–it is NOT easy to use a macro lens without a tripod on a moving subject with wind swaying the flower too!


I can’t decide which picture I like better . . . but I really like the second one because the background blur (bokum) is really cool and there’s a kind of fiery blurring of the flower petals.

The side profile shot here has some great detail.  I love the fuzzy hairs on the bee’s body . . .


I’m going to try and get some more shots with my macro lens this week.  I’ll post a few of the best here, and a link to my flickr page for the rest.