Tonight Julianne and I went to our new favorite BBQ galbi place in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea.  I brought my Canon D400 and Canon 50mm lens to take some pics . . .

One thing that still makes me nervous EVERY TIME I eat Korean BBQ is when the server brings out the coals in a bin that sits in the center of your table.  I have to wonder what happens if she drops it or somehow tips it while moving it into the recessed holder in the table . . . I pretty much turn into a live wire of ready to jump, duck, and dodge the coals if something happens . . .

Anyways, here’s a pic of the coals . . .


Putting the meat on the grill and cutting it up into small pieces with scissors.  Scissors are used to cut meat in Korea, and most foreign teachers seem to embrace this practical use of scissors that isn’t very common back in their home countries.


Julianne is now a pro at manipulating the meat with the tongs in one hand, and the scissors in the other, while being quick enough to avoid cooking the bottoms of her hands.  The heat from the coals is pretty intense.


Spicy tofu vegetable spicy soup served at a nuclear boil temperature.


One of the many side dishes you’ll typically see with this meal.


Gochuchang–‘red pepper paste.’  Julianne and I LOVE this stuff!


Garlic . . . you can put it on the BBQ or slip it into the lettuce leaves you also put the meat and other side dish items in to make a lettuce leaf wrap with meat and other odds and ends inside.


Salad side dish with sauce.


Broccoli with a sweetish and tangy red sauce with a bit of red pepper sauce mixed in too (I think, not sure about the last part there).


Rice comes in a stainless steel bowl with a lid.  Be wary of how hot this might be if it’s your first time eating in at a restaurant in Korea–sometimes they can be pretty hot.  Sitting on top of my rice is a spoonful of the nuclear hot soup that I wanted to let cool down before eating it.


I was really happy to see Julianne eating solid food and then not running for the bathroom because she’s been sick for the last 10 days–really sick.

Earlier today Julianne and I headed out to get some lunch.  It was the first time she’d been out of the apartment in FIVE DAYS.  While walking to a nearby restaurant Julianne found this gigantic fall leaf, wow!


After a great BBQ dinner and some blogging . . . it’s time to watch some TV, relax, and snuggle with the still semi-sick girlfriend . . .