Tonight Julianne and I wanted to eat something other than our usual fare so we headed to Jonggak Station.  Inside the station we then walked into the World Food Court to go to Namaste, our favorite Indian food restaurant.

We ordered the “Couple’s Set B” and I then killed some time playing with my Canon ES-71II 50mm lens . . . I love the bokum (background blur) that it can produce.   I put the F stop at 2.0 and really love the portrait shot I got of Julianne.

Julianne then took a shot of me . . . I enjoy taking the pics much more than being the subject, lol.

The set comes with 2 lasi . . . we both ordered strawberry–they were very very good.

The only item in set B that I, well, it’s not that I think it’s bad or anything, I just don’t get how it is an Indian salad . . . the raw seafood (mini octopus, muscles) in it don’t really strike me as Indian cuisine.  The salad is the only item in the set that strikes me as a deviant hybrid that somehow snuck onto the menu.  All that being said, it’s not bad to munch on as you wait for the other entrees.

And then the samosas came . . . I love these things.

I took this shot to show the contents: “a savory filling of spiced potatoes, onion, peas, coriander, lentils, or sometimes fresh paneer (from wikipedia).

After that came a dish with two giant shrimp, and two pieces of tandoori chicken–awesome.

And then came the naan bread and lamb saag–seriously, this stuff is so amazingly good that words cannot describe the luscious, tender, juicy, savory, just spiced right, taste of heaven . . . okay, so I tried, lol.

lamb saag

Julianne and I ordered garlic naan to have with our lamb saag . . . you rip up the naan into small pieces and then put some saag on it . . . oh soooo good.

There are something like 6 options you can choose from for dessert.  Tonight we chose yogurt with fruit.  It was really good though I would have liked the fruit to be fresh (I suspect it was from a can).  That being said, for the price it was pretty good.

For 45,000won the Couple Set B is definitely worth the price.  Add to this the service was truly top notch.  Our water glasses were constantly being filled, our plates cleared, the table wiped down with a clean cloth and cleaner at one point when it got dirty, and our needs were attended to by polite and professional staff.

I highly recommend you visit Namaste in Jonggak Station’s World Food Court (just above Bandi & Luni’s bookstore) if you want some Indian food when you’re in Seoul.

My last thought on the evening is that my Canon 50mm is now my favorite food lens.  I think I’ll be using it more for that in the future.