Last night was my fifth New Year’s Eve in Korea–wow.  Earlier in the day Julianne and I went to Emart at Yonsei Station to pick up some food, and then we picked up our libations for the evening.

I had been looking at the different events and parties posted on Facebook and the Net, but didn’t want to travel very far in the freaking cold temperatures because Julianne and I didn’t see ourselves staying out past 1am . . . Julianne and I were also not keen on spending the evening freezing outside, or indoors at a club or party where it was smokey, and we were surrounded by people we didn’t know.  There was one party that had people I knew at it, but Julianne wouldn’t have  known most if not all of the people who were going to be there . . . so a night in seemed to be in order.

Around lunch time I was out running errands near Jongno Tower and saw a massive spotlight scaffold set up on the other side of the street in front of the bell tower (can’t remember the name right now).  Drummers and dancers were doing a dress rehearsal for the evening’s festivities.  I LOVE traditional drums and the sounds rolling through the air were awesome . . . but I tried to imagine Julianne, being the ‘southern girl’ she is, out in the -20 or colder temperature at night, and it just wasn’t happening, lol.

What did happen was Julianne decided to cook for us (I cook too, but tonight it was Julianne).  Julianne began prepping the potatoes . . .

One thing foreign teachers coming to Korea may want to bring with them is spices from home.   I have three different Club House spices that I brought from Canada.  We decided to use “Lemon & Herbs” on the potatoes and salmon.

Two salmon fillets at Emart cost us just under 8,000won.  They were really nice.

Julianne cooked the salmon on the George Foreman grill I brought with me to Korea.   These grills are freaking awesome for cooking meat and fish.

Our New Year’s Eve meal was awesome–Julianne is a great cook.

After eating we watched a couple of movies, and then I played some games on Facebook while Julianne began a losing battle with trying not to fall asleep.  I had to keep poking and prodding her, and tickling her in order to keep her awake till it was midnight.

We then said “Happy New Year” to each other and to quote Mamma Mia, “dot dot DOT” . . . lol.

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year!