Over the last month, maybe even two months, I haven’t been doing much blogging . . . and I’m going to try and get back to my habit of putting up at least 3 or 4 posts a week.

Last Friday, and all of this week, I began my first winter English camp at my all boys high school.  The students are the incoming freshman and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.  One of my high school’s criteria for new students applying to it this year was that they had to be in the top 10% of all middle school applicants–and the difference between the incoming freshman and last year’s freshman is extreme.

Anyways, suffice it to say that I’m really looking forward to teaching them in the spring semester, and that my winter camp has been freaking awesome so far.  The first camp runs over the course of two weeks, and then I do another two weeks with a different group of freshman . . . I’ve got a series of blog posts in the works about what I’ve been doing at the camp, and I’ll post them this weekend or at the latest early next week.

The weather in Seoul has been a lot ‘warmer’ lately (Julianne would strongly disagree! Lol . . . she thinks anything colder than -5 is really cold) and I’ve been able to get a few pictures while out walking around Seoul.  Here’s one of a delivery motorcycle overloaded with pink carpets (?).

The driver was going pretty slow–especially considering that the ‘normal’ speed for these guys is FAST–so the weight of his cargo must have been heavy enough to slow him down in order to stay upright and balanced, lol.

The next pictures is from one morning this week when I was arriving at work to teach my winter camp classes.  The sky was a really beautiful blue, and I was in a great mood heading in for winter camp classes (which has not always been the case in the past when teaching camps at other places I’ve worked at in Korea, so I was in an especially good mood!)

The camp schedule gives me 20 classes with the freshman and I decided that six hours of that time would be devoted to learning how to write a paragraph in English.  To spice things up a bit in the writing exercise you see below there is a picture of the ugliest dog in the world (I think he won in 2008) . . . needless to say the guys reacted pretty strongly when they first saw the picture, lol.

This is my student’s lunch box.  I told him that the lunch box back I had back in Canada when I was in school was about 4 times bigger, lol.  And it definitely didn’t have the same kind of food in it.  It’s kind of amazing to think about how different food culture is in Korea versus Canada . . . I would have a drink box, a sandwich my mom made, a piece of fruit or a fruit cup, maybe a pudding cup too, and some kind of dessert like a Joe Luis (similar to a Choco Pie in Korea).  Then you take a look at this guy’s lunch: rice, chicken, small wieners, and something else (sorry, can’t remember).  It’s no wonder Koreans are thinner than Canadian high school kids!

Lastly, I took this picture while walking around the Jongo area of central Seoul.  I like it a lot because it gives you a sense of the Korean landscape and how even in a major city like Seoul you nearly always see a mountain in the background.

Well, I don’t have much else to write about tonight . . . tomorrow I’m going with Julianne to a friend’s wedding at a wedding castle.  Julianne has never been to what I call “Las Vegas meets Disney World” aka a wedding castle and it should be a lot of fun.