This afternoon while Julianne and I were on our way to the War Memorial of Korea in Yongsan-gu we were treated to a band-aid sales pitch by one of the wandering merchants on the subway trains.

If you live outside Korea, or you’re new to Korea, this is a pretty common sight.  You’ll be on the subway and suddenly some person (women do it too) will enter the train car you’re in with a cart or carrying something and they’ll walk to the center of the car and then begin a sales pitch to everyone on the train.

Sometimes the sales pitches are entertaining (even if I barely understand 10% of what is being said at lightning speed) and other times I wish they’d hurry up and move on to the next subway car–that, or if I’m wearing my mp3 player I turn up the volume and watch the Koreans watching me in the reflective surfaces of the metallic doors and windows (do Koreans know foreigners can see them staring? lol).

Julianne was quite impressed by the huge number of band-aids just one pack could hold that this guy was selling for a DOLLAR each, lol.

On a more serious note, the wandering merchants that roam the subway system of Seoul’s busier lines are barely making ends meet.  It must be pretty hard to go from car to car trying to make enough to pay for rent and food each month . . .

I guess if I could say just one thing to these merchants it’s this: please try to be funny and interesting when you present your sales pitch–cause otherwise you’re invading public space and creating noise pollution!