This afternoon Julianne and I went for a walk around the Hyehwa Station area.  It was so warm outside that to me it felt like it was spring.  It reminded me of how recently we had such a heavy snow storm in Seoul, and -25 temperatures for a couple of weeks in a row (see Seoul Heaviest Snowfall Pictures, January 2010).

Here are two of my favorite pictures from January 2010 in Seoul.  The first is taken at the ice-skating rink in Gwanghwameun Plaza.  This little guy was having a great time imagining he was . . . skiing? Lol . . .

The second picture was taken on a the street that runs right up to Changdeok Palace.   I was really lucky to be walking by at the right to catch nearly every business owner out on the sidewalk sweeping, shoveling, and using anything they could to move the snow off the sidewalk.