One landmark feature of Seoul’s sidewalks are the newstand-snack huts that you’ll see on almost every block, and sometimes you’ll even see two of them if there’s enough distance between them.  You can find everything from water and soft drinks to fruit to chocolate bars and gum.  As you can see in the picture above they also stock other kinds of things, and I imagine this depends on what kind of people walk by regularly–this particular hut sits near Yonsei University Hospital and two university campuses so, for example, gift baskets full of fruit make sense because people going to visit relatives in the hospital may need a last second gift.

I can’t remember when it was exactly (something like 2 years ago, I think) but these modern looking huts are a new addition to Seoul’s urban landscape.  The street vendors were not happy about having to switch over to these huts as the size is pretty small, and they limit what the vendors can sell and how much space on the sidewalk they can use–or at least try to, anyways, cause as you can see the vendors still add a lot of other merchandise to the outsides of their hut.

I really can’t imagine sitting inside one of these huts for several hours at a time . . . there is NOT a lot of space in there!  I also have to wonder how warm it is in winter, and cool in summer . . .

Anyways, if you come to Seoul be assured that there are a billion places to buy beverages and snacks as you walk around.