Walking around the Kwang Jang Market area Julianne and I saw this mandu shop.  These are always very conspicuous as massive clouds of steam pour out of the openings of the shop where they have the steamers.

If you come to Korea definitely try some mandu (there are many varieties).  They’re really awesome.  Be careful, though, if you’re not into spicy foods as some are filled with peppers or kimchi, etc, and can be pretty hot.

If you’re Korean and reading this please be aware that some foreigners love spicy food, some are kind of okay with it, and some really dislike it.  All too often I hear Koreans using the stereotype that foreigners don’t like spicy food–and it’s just not true.  I LOVE SPICY FOOD, and for example when I’m eating bibimbap I always put on tons of spicy red pepper sauce . . . and it’s highly amusing to watch the other Koreans I’m eating with all freak out and try to tell me I’m using too much, and that’s it’s spicy.  I appreciate their concern, but really, I LOVE SPICY FOOD!

Hmmmm . . . I think I’ll get some mandu tomorrow for lunch.