Julianne and I went for a walk around the Jongno area of Seoul last night, and ended up in Insa-dong.  I snapped a few shots of this street snack cart selling corn on a stick, and BBQ squid.  I love the steam coming off the squid as the woman cuts it into pieces to BBQ.

When you visit and or live in Korea there are foods that have to try at least ONCE, and BBQ squid is definitely one of them.  I won’t ruin the surprises you’ll experience when you eat it by describing them, lol.

I’ve included a second shot below in order to show more of the items you can buy.

I’m still trying to get Julianne to try bondeggi (silkworm larvae) but so far I haven’t had any success.  I won’t give up though, and if she does I’ll try and make sure I get video of her eating it, lol.  For now check out this video.