A while ago 10 Magazine started a poll to see who would get the most votes for,

“What is your favorite English blog on Korea? (There are over 300 English blogs on Korea. 3 or more votes in the “Other” section gets a blog added to the list.)”

The results can be seen hereChris in South Korea has a much better write up on the results here.

When bloggers began posting about this poll I looked at 10 Magazine’s site, and at how the poll was set up–and decided immediately that it was a big waste of time.

The fact that this blog got 4th pretty much reinforced my initial assessment.

The really amusing thing, though, is how many bloggers who posted about it on their blogs, and on facebook, never blogged about the results but tried to publicize the poll and get their readers to vote for them . . .

You’d think that with all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth that went on there would have been some post-poll bloggage about it . . .

Chris in South Korea’s post about the results has some comments–but I’m still surprised that many of the bloggers that were in the poll didn’t talk about the results.

Before a whole lot of people began blogging about the poll I don’t think I’d even given 10 Magazine’s site more than one or two quick glances–but by sucking in a whole bunch of bloggers they certainly cashed in on the free plugging through a completely meaningless poll.

Talk about much ado about nothing–for the losers.


p.s.  For the record, I voted for Brian.