The stainless steal cup is seen nearly everywhere in Korea.  Whether you’re eating in a public school cafeteria, a neighborhood restaurant, or a shopping mall food court–this is the cup you’ll most likely be drinking water out of.  You might ask why it’s ‘picture worthy’–well, I think it is because steel cups are NOT a common choice back in Canada unless you’re camping or something.  This was definitely one thing I noticed when I first came to Korea, and now it’s just a normal part of my every day life here.

I also decided to post a few pictures of mandu because of daily picture number 9 where I only show the outside of a mandu shop, and didn’t include any shots of the food itself.

Lastly, here’s a shot of some tuna kimbap.  Julianne and I ordered it along with the mandu above because the red pepper mandu has a bite to it, and the kimbap cools it off a bit.