This past Wednesday I decided to go for a walk after school because I needed to kill 2 hours till my after school program class began at 6:30pm.  I headed over by Jogye temple just past Insa-dong and noticed these cherry blossoms in a side alleyway.

I had my Canon 400D and Canon 50mm lens with me, and actually wish I’d had my Sigma 18-200mm lens so I could have gotten some close-up shots.  Still, I think these turned out pretty nice.

This weekend Julianne and I are going to head to Yeouido Park to check out the cherry blossoms that line the 2km laneway that runs around the National Assembly buildings.  If you’ve never checked this out before you should go–it’s awesome.  Check out these links for last year’s cherry blossom pictures.

2009 Scouting the Cherry Blossom Festival along the Han River in Seoul and Yeouido Park

2009 Cherry Blossoms in Yeouido, Seoul — Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

I’m excited to go again because I think my photography skills have improved a little since last year, and I have a couple new lenses I want to try out and see if I can get some great pictures of the cherry blossoms.  I didn’t have my Canon 50mm lens, or my Sigma 100-400 telephoto lens, last year and am curious to see what I can produce with them.  I think the pictures I took in this post, when compared to last year’s, are better than the 2009 shots.

Oh, and the other big photography event coming soon is the Buddhas birthday lotus lantern festival and parade.  If you’re in Korea GO TO THIS EVENT–it’s awesome!  You can see pics and read about it in the following links.

2009 Buddhist Lotus Lantern Festival — Cheonggyecheon stream lantern sculptures at night

2009 Buddhist Lotus Lantern Festival — Preview of the lanterns at Jogye Temple, Seoul

Chuncheon, South Korea — Buddha’s Birthday Parade 2009

I can’t wait for the weekend!