About a block away from Jongno Tower and Jonggak Station there’s a little Korean BBQ food place that apparently is extremely popular.  I’ve walked past it dozens of times and the place is always packed and a lot of the time there’s a line up outside waiting to get in if it’s during the supper time (usually from 6:30 to 8:30pm-ish).

A couple weeks ago I happened to be walking by at just the right time to see one of the cooks putting coals into an oven to heat them up . . . I had my Canon 50mm lens on my 400D and snapped off four rapid fire shots–and got this picture.

I’ll try to remember to actually post a picture of the little BBQ place some time in the future.  It’s pretty easy to find.  Walking towards Jogye Temple with Jongno Tower behind you and on the right side of the street you’ll find it on the side of the crosswalk closer to Jonggak Station.

Julianne and I might try to eat there some time too, and if we do I’ll be sure to blog about it.