Lately I’ve been watching the weather forecasts for Seoul like a hawk because the cherry blossoms are right on the razor’s edge of coming into full bloom, along with many other spring flowers, and if I don’t time a major picture taking session with the right timing for the blossoms along with some nice blue skies and sunlight then it’s really hard to get great shots of the flowers .  . .

Today after I was done teaching I walked outside and snapped a couple pictures of the magnolia tree blossoms just outside the main entrance of my school.  The skies were overcast and gray so . . . yeah, the shots I got today are not what I’m hoping to get this week if the weather will co-operate.

I had my Canon 50mm ES-71 II on my camera.  Lately it’s my favorite walk around lens because it’s so light; I also like the background blur that it produces.  While walking home from work I go down a side street that runs parallel to Changdeok Palace, and this afternoon I saw these awesome pink colored cherry blossoms . . . unfortunately I didn’t have any of my zoom lenses with me so I had to make do with standing right next to a wall surrounding a traditional Korean house that sits by the palace and shooting over it.  I like the fluffy textures of the blossoms in this shot.

Later, still beside the palace, I saw another magnolia tree . . . I really like these flowers.

This next flower, well, I don’t know what it is so . . . yeah.  They’re a really cool part of the Korean spring landscape because when they come into season you see these beautiful explosions of yellow all over the place.  Anybody know the name?

Lastly, I noticed these green buds all over the branches of this tree . . . you’ll probably laugh at me for saying this, but . . . don’t know its name either, lol.

The forecast for tomorrow doesn’t look that promising . . . actually, it says showers/clear/sunny from 9am to 12pm, and then cloudy for the afternoon and early evening.  I just looked at the 10 day forecast and that’s no help either.  I have a feeling it’s going to boil down to me being free to walk around and lucky timing if I get some shots with sunlight and blue skies—that, or wake up at 5:30am Wednesday morning because it says sunny and clear for 6am . . . ugh, 6am?

I donno ’bout dat.  If I do wake up that early the blue skies had better be GORGEOUS!


I’m going to try and get into Changdeok Palace sometime in the next five days to take pictures on the palace grounds too.  You can see fall leaves at the palace on my flickr.  And a general photo shoot I did at the palace here.