Today I brought my Canon 100mm macro lens with me to school so that I could try getting some close up shots of the spring flowers around the school and on my walk home after work.  As the weather forecast had predicted the sun would peak out for a few seconds and then the clouds would take over . . . and this pattern repeated itself throughout the day.

After finishing my last class of the day I grabbed my Canon 400D and headed outside to take some pictures.  It had gotten colder over the course of the afternoon, and windier too.  Getting some decent shots was not easy to do.

I set my ISO to 1600, white balance to cloudy, and chose standard for my picture style.  Then I waited for the rare moments when the wind would die down enough to take a picture.

The Canon 100mm macro lens produces bokeh as well as my Canon 50mm ES-71 II . . . but I think in terms of detail and color saturation the 100mm might be better.  After that I noticed some bushes with red little buds and had some fun taking shots of them too.  I think I like the second and fourth pictures best.

I then went back to the magnolia tree and spent some time trying to get more nice shots in spite of the wind, and changing light conditions.  One minute it was cloudy and fairly dark . . .

. . . and the next it was sunny.

At this point the wind died down for a good minute so I moved as close as I could to one blossom and got a pretty good shot considering I had no tripod and the macro lens doesn’t have any optical stabilizer system.

Later, while walking home I saw what I think is a juvenile cherry blossom tree . . . the wind was gusting and almost non-stop but I got one good shot out of about 12.

At this point I was freezing cold (me being a Canadian I had decided for some bizarre reason to wear a short sleeved dress shirt to work, and only had a polar fleece vest on top of it), the wind was gusting nearly non-stop, and IT BEGAN SNOWING!!!  Yes, snowing!  (While it was only a tiny bit, and no accumulation was happening, it was still shocking, lol.) I snapped 3 quick shots of this flower, and called it quits.

I had been entertaining the idea of heading to the Yeouido flower festival to do some night shots but after seeing the snow, the winds, and how cold it was I gave up.  I’m hoping that the bizarre temperatures and SNOW don’t damage the cherry blossoms too much so that this weekend when it warms up a little I can get some nice shots.

SNOW! On April 13th???



p.s. You can see the higher quality resolution flower pictures on my flickr page here.