This morning after I finished teaching my first class I got out my Canon 400D and put on a Sigma 100-400mm telephoto lens.  I then quickly headed outside because it was sunny and the sky was blue–wow!

There were several different kinds of birds flying around the trees in front of my school so I began taking pictures of them.  I also got some nice shots of the cherry blossoms.

I kept hoping the birds would fly into the cherry blossom tree and perch in a location where I could get some pictures of them . . . but my models were cranky and uncooperative.  This was one of the few decent shots I got.

I then noticed this bird was nesting.  It was kind of neat to hear him snapping off twigs from trees near his nest, and then watch him fly up into it and plant the twig.

At one point I must have gotten too close to his nest cause he puffed up his body to try and intimidate me, lol.

It was sooooooooo nice to take some pictures and have a nice blue sky in the background.

I then saw two magpies . . . I’ve been trying for years to get a good picture of these noisy and saucy birds because I like their character.  Unfortunately they are very skittish and will often fly off if you approach them, or even point your lens at them.  Using the telephoto lens I was able to stay far enough away that I didn’t scare them off . . . I love the jet black and fluffy white coloring of their feathers.

When you look at them from the side and back you can see they have this shiny blue coloring on their wings.  Awesome.

And then there was this little guy sitting in his tree just chilling out . . . I like his fuzzy feathering, lol.

I’m only posting 9 of the 25 pictures I uploaded to my flickr page of birds and the cherry blossoms.  You can see the rest here.