Yesterday I went to Yeouido and the 2km lane way that runs around the National Assembly Building to take pictures of the cherry blossoms and check out the Yeouido Flower Festival.   The cherry blossom trees line the entire 2km lane way . . . I took this picture using my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens.

It seemed like the trees were about 70% in bloom so I think this weekend will be the peak time for going to take pictures.  The forecast for early next week doesn’t look good for taking pictures and walking around the area so if you want to see the trees while they’re very white and fluffy I think this Saturday and Sunday are going to be the best times to go.  That being said if you can’t make it till the end of next week or next weekend don’t be afraid to go because it’s also fun to take pictures when all the petals are falling out of the trees is massive showers and bursts of color–that can be a great time for pictures too.

In the next two pictures I used my Sigma 100-400mm telephoto lens.  I really like the background blur it produces in the first shot.

Some of the trees seemed to be in full bloom, and I think this is one of my favorite shots from yesterday.

The official website says to go to the two subway stations listed below, but Julianne and I walked to the National Assembly Station to go home (click this link to find an interactive subway map (then click on the map itself)), and it’s only about a 5 minute walk from the beginning of the 2km lane way–the other stations are a bit of walk away from the lane way . . . if you do arrive at those stations you can expect to see quite a few cherry blossom trees while walking to the National Assembly Building . . . just don’t be surprised about the walk.

Julianne and I are going to go again tomorrow afternoon.  I’m dreading the MASSIVE CROWDS that will be there, but it’s worth it to see the trees in full bloom.


① Get off at the Yeouinaru Station of subway line 5→Take exit 1 and walk towards the LG Twin Towers
② Get off at Yeouido Station of subway line 5 →Take exit 2 and walk towards the front gate of the National Assembly building