Yesterday afternoon I returned with a friend to the 2010 Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival (also see here for info) and the 2km lane way that runs around the National Assembly Building.  Click here to see part 1 of this two part post.  By this point in the afternoon about half the sky was blue, and the sun had come out . . .

I was really happy that the cloudy sky was disappearing, and had a great time taking pictures.

I noticed this little group of blossoms seemingly growing out of the tree’s bark . . . the contrasting light and dark are awesome.

At this point I decided to try using my Speedlite 580EXII flash to get some portrait shots with the sunlight coming almost directly behind me.  I set up my camera and then asked Julianne (she had joined my friend and I by this point) to take the shot.

I then had fun taking pictures of Julianne with cherry blossoms in the background.  This was tricky to do, however, with a nearly constant stream of people walking down the sidewalk, but most would pause for 10 seconds and let me take the shot.

At this point my friend decided to become the ‘photo shoot director’ and told Julianne to look up and pretend to think about something, lol.  I like it!

In the previous two pictures I was using f/5.0 on my Sigma 18-200mm lens.  For this next shot I put it on all depth and I really like that Julianne and the cherry blossoms are in focus.

We finished walking the 2km lane way and then headed towards the other side of Yeouido Park (it’s about 4 or 5 blocks away from the lane way) to find a restaurant for dinner.  I showed Julianne and my friend the giant fish that is one block away from Yeouido Park–they really liked it.

After snapping a few shots of the giant fish we headed to a restaurant for dinner.

I highly recommend checking out the cherry blossoms that line the 2km lane way around the National Assembly Building.  While I know there are other parts of Seoul with large concentrations of cherry blossom trees, walking the 2km lane way is a unique experience where you can not only see the beautiful cherry blossoms in large numbers, you can also see thousands of Koreans of all ages enjoying the spring weather and blossoms in their own unique cultural behaviors (for example, the different picture postures).

Well, time to get ready to go out again today (Sunday) and take more pictures.  The forecast again calls for cloudy skies all day . . . but I’m hoping for sunshine and some blue sky here and there.