Roboseyo has posted about the launching of ATEK’s Twitter feed (something long overdue, and which I credit Rob with getting done–good job), and also about a press release in the Korea Herald, Expat teachers get more legal help, about the Legal Assurance Program.

Here’s an excerpt from the Korea Herald article,

“Foreign English teachers in South Korea can take advantage of affordable legal help through the KangNam Labor Law Firm’s Legal Assurance Program.

The firm, based in Seoul, has been offering services such as legal counsel and mediation affordable for English teachers, which has allowed several expat teachers to form unions.

The new Legal Assurance program offers many of the same benefits, including access to online resources, advice about conflict resolution, mediation and help filing legal claims if necessary. Now, however, individual teachers who are not union members may enjoy much of the same services.

For a monthly fee of 20,000 won, English teachers can have access to the full range of legal services offered by the firm on a group retainer.”

It’s nice to see that things at ATEK are beginning to gain momentum in terms of communication of what they are doing, and what they have to offer to native teachers in Korea.

Update: Oh, and you can view the first ATEK newsletter at this link to see more about what they’ve got going on.