Last night Julianne and I headed over to Jogye Temple to watch the evening mini-concert and to see a preview of some of the lotus lantern parade floats that were out on the street.  It was awesome.  I also wanted to do some night shots with my Sigma 120-400mm telephoto lens to see if it’d be a good idea to bring it tonight to the actual parade .  .  . based on the shots I got I think I’m going to use it a lot.  Here’s an example.

The lanterns at the temple looked great.

After the mini-concert, which seemed like a kind of dress rehearsal for the parade, the performers posed with people on the street for pictures.

And then the floats were moved off into their storage locations to wait for Sunday night.

This was one of the nicest floats I saw . . .

One of the coolest, and surreal, things you’ll see is the main streets of downtown Seoul shut down for the parade.

Well, it’s time to get ready to go check out the street festival that goes on from 12 to 6pm or so today . . .

See you there . . .