Yesterday while in the midst of testing a group of guys in one on one interviews I suddenly notice that the student I had just begun the test with was behaving oddly . . .

I then sense something happening behind me over by the windows of the classroom that face out onto a hallway.  I turn around and see two of the guys who are waiting out in the hallway for their turn to be tested STANDING ON THE WINDOW SILL AND MAKING FACES at the guy I’m testing . . .

I take a deep breath, apologize to the student taking the test, and head out into the hallway.  There were about seven students waiting outside, and several of them try to become invisible as I say “Who was on the window?” in a low voice, but with death flashing in my eyes.

One of the guys points at the two delinquents and I grab each of them by the back of the neck and march them into the classroom.  I take their student numbers down on a piece of paper, and then push them back out into the hallway.

I look at all of the guys and say, “Be quiet.  Next person who is a problem gets ZERO.”

I probably wouldn’t be actually able to give them a zero cause the school’s policy is no student can score below a 7 out of 10 for the speaking test, but the odds of them knowing that are low, and the threat definitely got their attention.

As for the two delinquents I told them they had to come see me at lunch time today, and we spent some quality time together duckwalking out on the playing field in the nice hot sun–I don’t think they’ll be messing around during a test again in the near future.

The thing that irks me about all this is that the guys would NEVER do this with a Korean teacher, especially a MALE Korean teacher, cause they’d get their asses beaten black and blue.  I don’t do that, and they know it, so therefore in their minds I’m not a ‘real teacher’ and they feel they can do what they want to without fear of punishment.

It’s pretty sad that being seen as a ‘real teacher’ by Korean students is contingent upon the power and ability to use corporal punishment . . .

Anyways, time to get ready for the next speaking test group.