Last night while Julianne and I were in Itaewon eating some yummy Greek food we also went to check out What the book? (click on the link for pictures, a description, and directions) used bookstore.  After that we dropped in to the  Foreign Food Mart to see if they had anything new and Julianne saw this in one of the coolers against the back wall . . . HOLY COW!  A&W Rootbeer in Korea?!  Awesome!

Looking around at all the different stuff that was in this particular fridge we also noticed that they have Canada Dry Ginger Ale–also something that is hard to find in Korea.  A friend of mine says she can get it in E-mart out in Wonju, but I haven’t seen it in other E-marts (though I haven’t gone into an E-mart in several months so that may have changed).

The other thing we noticed was that the owners have renovated the store and opened up a huge area in the back so they can stock more merchandise . . . the store actually seems organized now whereas before stuff was piled on the shelves and sometimes on the floor too due to lack of space.  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the new section.)

If you’re new to Korea the Foreign Food Mart and What the book? are two places you DEFINITELY want to visit in Itaewon.  If you live outside Seoul and make a weekend trip into town buy a cooler with ice packs and pick up stuff to take back with you on the bus or train at the end of the weekend.  You can get things like REAL CHEESE, dill pickles (my personal favorite), cereals, granola bars, spices, and more.

Check it out.