It’s INSANELY HOT and HUMID in Seoul right now, so Julianne and I reluctantly left the air conditioned coolness of our apartment to go get some dinner.  We decided to get some Korean food, and I ordered ‘mul nangmyeon’ (water noodles’).  This is what it looks like before you cut the noodles up into shorter lengths and then mix the other ingredients and hot sauce together.  Tonight the noodles had some peanuts sprinkled over them which I’ve had before a few times although I don’t think that it’s typical to see that.

I don’t have much of a problem eating noodles with chopsticks now, but when I first came to Korea noodles were probably the most tricky for me to manage . . . but I’d say after my first year of practicing I got the hang of it.  Oh yeah, watching how other Koreans eat noodles with their chopsticks gave me some tricks too.

We also ordered some ‘gogi mandu’ (meat dumplings).  They’re a little spicy but I like spicy food and don’t find them to be very hot at all.

And, of course, with the meal come the typical side dishes of kimchi, and a few others.  Hmmm . . . kimchi.  I like kimchi, and it always kills me to see other Koreans who are shocked to see a foreigner munching away on it as he waits for his food to arrive at the table.

Well, time to keep watching the best of season 5’s “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery Channel.  I really hope we can still get access to Discovery Channel in China!