This picture was taken back in March of 2005 when I first arrived in Korea.  If I remember correctly this was my first middle school cafeteria lunch tray meal, and my first time trying kimchi–lol.

Something else I find interesting about this picture is that I took it with my Pentax point and shoot (don’t remember the model, sorry).  It was the first camera I’ve ever owned, and I was thrilled to be taking pictures with it.

My home middle school where I also lived had pretty decent cafeteria lunches.  But I only taught there on Mondays and Thursdays . . . the other two middle schools I traveled to had pretty abysmal track records and I often ended up bringing something else with me to eat after I’d gone to the cafeteria with all the teachers (they would freak out if I tried to stay at my desk and not eat with them, and I didn’t know any better then that I could actually eat on my own if I really wanted to) I’d then eat what I’d brought with me.

UPDATE: I forgot to point out something in the picture.  The rice is on the right, and the soup is on the left.  When the Korean teachers around me saw me doing this they all made such a big deal out of it that I did it deliberately for the entire year I was there, lol.  Looking back now, I probably should have just gone with the flow and conformed to the way the tray is “supposed to be” used . . . but really, how big a deal is it to switch things around?  Lol…

Anyways, I’m thinking about doing a series of retrospective blog posts for each year I’ve been in Korea–looking at all the pictures I’ve taken is bringing back a lot of memories.