I started to blog about how there’s only 24 hours left to nominate one’s self to run for the ATEK presidency earlier this evening . . . and, well, I fell asleep cause of the two needles I had jabbed in my arms while getting vaccinations for China.

Anyways, while Roboseyo ‘beat me’ (not like it’s a race or anything) to posting about how there’s only 24 hours left, it’s really not that big a deal (unless you forget to give a Kblogger the kudos for posting first–and then people get cranky, lol–not you Rob, other bloggers).

As Rob said before,

“Any general member can run for president… to become an associate member, go to ATEK.or.kr/join, and to become a general member (which you have to be, to run for president), the e-mail you receive for becoming an associate member will have more information.  Then, once you’re a general member, go to the general member discussion forums, and post a comment announcing your candidacy.  For more information, e-mail Russell at officers@atek.or.kr, or Greg at president@atek.or.kr”

Also, another tiny but critical detail was put out there in Rob’s post: “Also: any nominations need to be seconded by a general member.  Don’t forget to second candidates you support.”

Earlier in the afternoon I was asking some questions on facebook about the elections.   Things like ‘How many members have to vote for the vote to be valid?’ and ‘What happens if there’s only one nominee for president? Do they automatically win?’

I don’t know the answers to these questions, and really don’t feel like combing through the ATEK site for the answers.  Maybe someone can post answers in the comment section of this post.

Anyways, spread the word around with English native teachers in Korea.  It’d be a shame if ATEK only had one of its members nominated cause there’s not much of a choice then is there?

At least somebody is interested in the presidential role of ATEK (according to Rob there’s now one nominee)–if no one had wanted to run that might be a really bad sign of . . . perhaps nothing, or, like I said before, “why would nominations be scheduled during the peak of vacations for native teachers?”

Well, as others have said to me before, ATEK is a young organization–and running elections is not an easy thing to do.

Hopefully this election goes well.

Good luck ATEK.