Julianne and I headed to the Chungmuro Station area to grab some Popeye’s for dinner and I snapped this shot of Typhoon Dianmu just before it opened up on Seoul.

You can see a kickass picture here taken down on Jeju Island of the typhoon’s effects in this article, Typhoon’s effects felt nationwide.

I wish I could have been up on Namsan Mountain to take some shots of this storm entering Seoul–now THAT would have been awesome!

Actually, I just did a bit of “Googling” (hehe, lol) about the typhoon and came across this,

“At 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dianmu was about 450 miles south-southwest of Seoul, rumbling north at 15 mph packing 58-mph sustained winds and 75-mph gusts, below typhoon strength, but still a pretty significant tropical storm.

Landfall is forecast for around 6 a.m. Wednesday over Mokpo on Korea’s southwestern coast. Dianmu should pass about some 60 miles southeast of Kunsan and 60 miles west-northwest of Chinhae, still packing a pretty powerful punch, 58-mph sustained and 75-mph gusts at its center” (my bold).

Looks like it’s gonna create some pretty awesome skies–hopefully I’ll catch some of that on my camera.