It’s been quite a while since I blogged here at kimchiicecream.  Julianne and I have been in China now since September 2010, and I went through some dry spells in terms of blogging . . .

But over the past month or so I’ve been blogging up a storm at my China blog,

Some of my favorite posts are,

English in China – Painting and “Very, Sweet, Sexy” Chinglish on Side of a Car

Nighttime in Martyr’s Park, Changsha – Whipping a humming spinning top (no idea what actual name is) IV

Nighttime in China 15 – Mom and Daughter Doing Homework

Nighttime in China 4 – Massage Parlor

Because almost stepping on a dead rat barefoot first thing in the morning is fun–NOT

Overloaded bike in China

Chinese Food – Giant Steel Heating Tank for Food Dishes – II

Chinese Food – Intestines in oil with some veggies (yes, that’s what I said, lol)

But a Chinese man singing “Can Belto” . . . in the key of “O” is beyond my tolerance abilities

Chinese Food – “I’d like to order the duck.”

2011 Hunan Botanical Gardens, China – Cherry Blossom Posing Time!

Drying Fish and Laundry on a Line in Changsha, China

My blogging style over the past six months has been more photoblogging with much shorter stories.  Some readers of my Korean blog have ‘suggested’ in the past that I could do with uploading a ‘few’ less photos–and due to abysmally slow Net speeds where I am they’ve gotten their wish, lol.

Anyways, if you’re bored and need to kills some time while you’re not busy teaching, doing shots of soju and eating sangyapsal, etc, check out the pics and stories on my China blog.