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This afternoon Julianne and I headed to Seoul Station to do a little more Halloween decoration shopping at Lotte Mart.


It was nice outside–not too cool and not too warm.


I’m always surprised by the drive way that runs in front of, or nearby, the entrances to department stores in Korea.  In this particular case they have a crossing guard in place at all times to help cars and shoppers avoid an accident.


Once inside the store Julianne and I noticed this mosquito . . . it’s pointing at the insecticides section.


We found the Halloween display area on the second floor . . . I was hoping it’d be a bit better than what we found, but I have to expect a small amount of items as Halloween is still not a big cultural event in Korea.  Emart might have a better selection but I didn’t feel like going to a second location this afternoon.  Julianne and I took a look through the items and found a couple things.


This little guy really liked the pitchfork.  Most of the Korean kids walking over would take a 30 second look and then go off to things that they have more of a connection to.


Here are the 3 things I picked up.  The first item I found in the toy section.  The second and third were in the Halloween area.  I’m going to have a lot of fun with the morning star in class next week, lol.


Well, time to go take a nap and then get up and do a bit of prep for the coming week.